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*. Suggestions are invited for reducing the burden of School Curriculam.

1. Education does not mean bookish knowledge and writing mugged up answers in examination.

2. Sports, life skills and experiential learning among with creative skills are necessary for personality development.

3. Today, students feel stress due to curriculum burden and get little time for their all-round development.

  • NCERT has decided to rationalise the current curriculum as much as possible, for all-round development of children.
  • NCERT has received many suggestions in this regard. you can also send your suggestions at 30 April 2018.

*. 1st PT for Class III to IX & XI will be started from 3/8/2018.

*. Best of Luck to All Class X & XII Students for their Monthly Exam's.

* Panel Inspection of the Vidyalaya Scheduled on 8/8/2018.