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Principal's Message

“Beyond the boundary and above the crowd’

That is what I have understood

To take my school to such dizzy heights

With all my efforts and all my mights

Let my students thus flourish

With all my teachers who cherish

All my ambitions

And all my goals

This is my message in short

Let us march in good start”

Set amidst a lush- green surroundings our school enjoys a pristine atmosphere, which people envy. It is far-far from the city pollution and far from the madding crowds. No Noise Pollution. Always fresh air .Children here bubble with enthusiasm .The school is situated in a land area measuring 14 acres. It has a vast playground, a smiling garden and a highly co-operative management. The vidyalaya has all infrastructure to enable the students to face the challenges of tomorrow and make the vidyalaya prosper more and more.

The school has all kinds of sports materials as per the need of the students .All the science laboratories are well equipped with the necessary items. The school has good sanitation.

In E-learning areas the shool is also well equipped with projector screens and projector for the presentation of different types of subject related videos and powerpoint presentations in the computer lab. It is rightly said by Mr. Alcott “ Observation more than books, experience rather than person are the prime educators”. According to modern method of technology the performance of a student in the class is more important than his bookish knowledge. All infrastructures are also provided to the students for quality education. However, not only the students but also the teachers are enriching themselves day by day. Some one has rightly said “ Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another”

The system has an aim to touch, chasten and nurture all the aspects of the students personality, their mind and spirit. It gives a corrective to the entire outlook of students, removing all angularities in their personality and turning them out to be a person of robust mind and sound character, whose conduct and behavior will look edifying and worthy of emulations. I assure that we will scale new heights and maintain dignity and high values to give the vidyalaya a new shape through our joint efforts and outstanding performance.

Jai Hind…..